XML Conversion  

XML standards can aid in the creation, management, and delivery of documents. These help integrate the work of several authors in multi-author documents, facilitate document revision and information reuse, and streamline the output of information in multiple formats (e.g., paper, the Web, and CDROM). The benefits of XML are many, ranging from increased information integrity, to reduced document production times, to superior document longevity.

We constantly update our XML know-how to provide up to date service to our customers in publishing, industrial and academic world.

Using markup languages for large collection of legacy information UNIK Conversion generates computerised files that can be economically useful for a wide range of uses. SGML creation commences with Document Type Definition and other specification from the customer. Every project being unique, UNIK Conversion examines the need and creates data models, coding properties, image methodology (if needed), quality procedures and document manipulation. The documents are provided with SGML tags and internal and external linkages, identifiers directed to pointers and targets in the data.

On completion of entry of source file conversion the files is passed through validation software. This process is repeated until file is error free. The files is normalised and checked for complete parsability and readability.

We provide conversions for Technical documents, journals and documents with tables, equations and graphics.



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