UNIK Conversion is a full service printing and publishing company providing quality printing to many major corporations, small companies and individuals for a decade with the latest technology in place to satisfy any of your printing needs.

With virtually all prepress, printing and finishing capabilities in-house, we can supervise quality and monitor your print job from start to finish. We offer customers the versatility, flexibility and dependability they require. Our experience in printing and production management assures customer confidence and satisfaction from estimating costs to final delivery of your project.

As technology keeps changing, we keep updating our machinery with the latest and provide our staff training to keep themselves in tune with the changing technology and then pass that knowledge on to you. When you want to know about building electronic files or which press is best for which job, we'll provide the guidance necessary for you and your staff.

With today’s communication technology we can print for you projects of all types like Product Catalogs, Brochures, Packaging, Labels, Books and Magazines without you having to come to India personally.

While we grow we value our commitment to provide the highest quality printing and keep the customers satisfied.



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