Unik Conversion offers unmatched full range of pre-press production services and electronic prepress services to publish books, directories, technical documents, newsletters, and journals in both print and electronic media to the clients. With Our experienced staff who can handle with ease regular and complex mathematics, chemistry, engineering, medicine and other scientific books and journals including scanning and final page output. We undertake production task covering media conversion, XML encoding, illustration creation, scanning and editing, typesetting and pagination and electronic file production for press, Internet and media.

We can produce composed pages to suit your preferred output media including Film, Postscript, PDF. We also support the latest Computer-to-Plate technology, enabling you to further reduce time to print.

Our staff are also proficient in manual data entry—as well as proofing and editing—to enter large amounts of data quickly, accurately, and efficiently when programmatic data conversion is not possible. Once data is converted to a suitable format, we validate it to ensure accuracy. If converting to XML/SGML, parsing the data to ensure that it conforms to your DTD. In the proofing stage, quality specialists check the data accuracy by taking random samples to check the data accuracy.


We have the finest equipment and personnel. Our seasoned pressmen understand the subtleties involved in producing a superlative printed piece. Each job is matched to the press that will deliver the best possible result. Our strict quality control is in place whether your job is a simple single colour or a complex, multicoloured job. Documented procedures and checklists are posted on every piece of pressroom equipment and are followed carefully by all personnel on all projects.


Every step of the production process is critical to meeting deadlines, and maintaining customer Every step of the production process is critical to meeting deadlines, and maintaining customer satisfaction. Our facility houses a well staffed and equipped Bindery & Finishing department, assuring you of continually successful print projects.



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